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The Hijacking Of Air France Flight 8969

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The Hijacking Of Air France Flight 8969 was the biggest terrorist tragedy the world has so far seen being planned aboard a large airplane that is parked on the tarmac at Marseilles Airport in France.

The men are carrying powerful bombs and are well-armed. Storm the plane to lose 173 passengers and crew, or let it take off and pay a bigger price, no third option was available.

This is the inside story of the hijacking, with eyewitness testimonies and video footage.

On December 24, 1994, the crew and passengers on board Air France Flight 8969 expected a quick and uneventful flight from Algiers to Paris.

Four men dressed as Algerian policemen boarded the plane for what appeared to be a routine check.

The Algerian military started surrounding Air France flight 8969 as soon as they noticed that the Air France flight 8969 appeared to have an unauthorized delay Hijacking Air France Flight 8969

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