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Delta Air Lines aims to increase its fleet of fuel-efficient aircraft

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Delta Air Lines (Delta) has announced the execution of options for 12 new Airbus A220 single-aisle aircraft as part of its ongoing efforts to streamline its fuel-efficient fleet.

With these options, the American carrier has 70 A220s on order, bringing the total number of A220 family aircraft in its fleet to 131 when they are delivered.

“The A220-300 offers efficient performance and flexibility,” said Kristen Bojko, Vice President of Fleet. “The continuing expansion of Delta’s A220 family is an integral investment in the future of sustainable aviation.”

The Pratt & Whitney latest-generation geared turbofan GTFTM engines that power the A220-300 enable the fan and turbine to spin at ideal speeds for fuel efficiency, resulting in a class-leading improvement in fuel economy.

In addition to demonstrating Delta’s commitment to sustainability, the fuel-efficient A321neo fleet is complemented by a steadily expanding fleet of A220 aircraft.

The 130-seat, next-generation A220-300 serves domestic passengers flying to and from Delta’s coastal hubs and provides an improved in-flight experience. The aircraft’s narrow body has 88 Main Cabin seats, 30 Delta Comfort+ seats, and 12 First Class seats.

The airline was the first in the United States to fly the Airbus A220 after receiving its first one from the manufacturer in October 2018. Currently, Delta operates a fleet of 45 109-seat A220-100 aircraft in addition to 16 A220-300s.

The airline, which acts as one of the major U.S. carriers, operates more than 5,400 flights every day, to 325 destinations in 52 nations across six continents, in conjunction with its regional affiliates and subsidiaries, such as Delta Connection.

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