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FedEx B757 makes hard landing after landing gear failure

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On October 4, 2023, late in the evening at Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport (CHA), in Tennessee, a FedEx Boeing B757 with a failing landing gear crash-landed, and then skidded off the end of a runway.

When the Chattanooga Fire Department received a call at 23:04 local time, the FedEx B757 with a failed landing gear was on its final approach, the pilots made the emergency call after realizing the landing gear was malfunctioning after takeoff.

The airport was immediately attended by the fire department, Chattanooga Police Department, and Hamilton County Emergency Services after they received the call.

Before making its final descent, the aircraft circled, according to the fire department, where it “crash landed” and skidded off the end of the runway.

The Hamilton County Emergency Services recorded the landing on video, which was then shared on social media.

The Chattanooga Fire Department praised the aircraft’s pilot and airport personnel, adding that there was no fire, only smoke from the aircraft engines.

“FedEx Express Flight 1376 from Chattanooga to Memphis experienced an issue just after takeoff on Wednesday evening. Our crew is safe and any additional questions should be referred to the NTSB,” FedEx said in a statement sent to various US media outlets.

Photo cover: Hamilton County Emergency Services

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